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Lucy Jones, Menswear Collection 2013

Lucy Jones, Menswear Collection 2013

The super talented Lucy Jones has just graduated with a first class BA (Hons) Degree in Fashion/Textiles specialising in knitwear from Winchester School of Art. Her final collection of menswear was inspired by Peruvian textiles. This interest was first sparked by a BBC TV programme “Lost Kingdoms”. A visit to the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology in Cambridge near her home town followed. It was here she saw some small Peruvian textile fragments. Thus began her exploration of the colour, construction and pattern of these ethnic textiles resulting in an imaginative and technically skilled interpretation through contemporary menswear.

Lucy learn to knit at the age of seven, she remembers both her Mum and Nan always knitting mainly jumpers and socks for the family. A special favourite she still recalls was a small red jumper with a frilly edge. Lucy went on to study textiles as a GCSE, then as part of her National Diploma in Art and Design. Her inventive approach included knitting tights as the stretchy back for a dress. She then chose to come to the School of Art, enjoying a broad first year programme then deciding to specialise in knit for fashion.

Lucy has been a keen user of the Knitting Reference Library. We share a favourite book “Andean folk knitting” by Cynthia Gravelle Le Court, published in 1990. She told me she adapted some of the patterns and styles towards her own unique designs for men. A small reference perhaps to the manly knitters found in the Andes using bright colours, tiny metal needles and bright colour. Her Mum and Nan helped by knitting the big hats for this collection. Of course we now have one for the Knitting Reference Library.


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